Here comes bboymap

Carte de visite-bboymap.3Bboymap is a new site dedicated to breakdance and breakdancers. It was designed for lovers of this art remain in contact with each other no matter where they live around the world.

Proposed bboymap ?

Bboy map is a giant map showing all crews and famous spots today. It offers crews to register to appear on one of its interactive maps. Through this presence, users and fans can locate accurately on the globe and thus come into direct contact with them or online.

This relationship can be the beginning of a partnership, a long friendship and sponsorship. Regarding the spots, the site has a tab for online registration. The spots can be viewed and recorded not everyone.

How to consult bboymap ?

No need to be a genius to see bboymap because you just follow the directions of its tabs. Indeed, the site is divided into different categories to access a particular feature.

In the " Music " you can see all of today's best -known songs for dancing breakdance. Crews in the topic, you will find a list of all registered as aces b- boying and the spots heading groups, you will find different spots where you can draw inspiration.

That are targeted by bboymap ?

Bboymap target especially bboys and bgirls breakdancing wishing to promote beyond the land borders.

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