Aces street art

11494562894 2240cbff60 hStreet art today knows considerable interest primarily thanks to talented artists who devote their existence expansion. To know them better , the streetmap site has been online.

Who are these artists?

In most cases, we only see the tables with their bright colors and forms a little unusual. Yet these very expressive giant canvases of the authors and have to know, it is necessary to distinguish their work is their trademark.

Among the best known are cited Noe two, Skount , Hopare... but next to them, there are those that we have neglected. You should know that each country and even cities , has many graffiti artists so we invite you to get to know artists from...

What do they depict ?

A question that double meaning here. First a " on what" on the support and which responds by walls, streets , blocks of land ... Then a " whereupon " which evokes the themes of these street artists. The answer to this second question would be " all over ".

Indeed, a graffiti artist does not choose to focus on a specific topic but it leaves running random bombs and paint to express any fact. However, we note that some are more gifted than portraits abstract designs and it is this variety that makes the charm of urban art . Here you will discover the qualities of each artist and the things that interest them.

About street art chose to shine the spotlight on street artists to better understand their graffiti. He is interested in their work as well as their past lives and their future projects.

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