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22mThe very concept of Surebet is a bit puzzling, as any punter knows all well that in this line of work, there is no such thing as a wager that is guaranteed to win.

Contrary to popular belief, this term doesn’t define a bet that can’t possibly lose, but two wagers placed in conjunction. The idea is to identify those that make it possible for a punter to place two bets, seemingly divergent that together will result in guaranteed profits.

To better understand this concept, it is essential to highlight the fact that the Surebet demands two teams or athletes that are credited with virtually the same chances to win. Assuming they have 50% chances to prevail, it makes perfect sense that some bookmakers will give slightly better odds to one team, while others will favor the opponent.

What usually happens is that these odds are in line with one another, so players don’t have too many options.

The best case scenario is to find one bookie that offers odds of 2.05 or above for one team to prevail and another backing the opponent at the same odds. It is obvious that by wagering a significant amount on both outcomes, with different sports books, the punter is guaranteed to win.

Essential prerequisite for Surebets

Appealing as this might sound, the Surebet is actually a rarity and players need to be extremely patient if they are to take advantage of such opportunities. One of the prerequisites is to have an account with several bookmakers, to maximize the odds of benefiting from divergent odds. These companies generally work with one another or at least monitor the odds posted by competitors, trying to align their own odds.

To maximize the chances of finding Surebets, players should focus on home teams or those who are more likely to be preferred by their peers. It is known that if a lot of members bet on the same outcome, the bookmaker will lower the odds, in an attempt of defeating potential losses. Knowing this, savvy punters will bet early on those odds exceeding even value, as they predict them to sink below 2.00, while the opposite odds will rise.

Surebets rarely happen and hoping to spot one by chance is nothing more than wishful thinking, because these opportunities need to be carefully prepared. To improve your chances, you should consider the prospect of betting live, because when you wager in real time, you are more likely to benefit from volatile odds. Also make sure that you have a lot of money at your disposal, so that when these rare opportunities finally arrive, you can take advantage by wagering a huge amount.

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